Graves in Monochrome
Graves in Monochrome

Boonville Cemetery Association Organized

Association was organized under the general law of New York state, authorizing and regulating the incorporation of Rural Cemetery Associations. The board then elected as its president, Archibald Bamber.


Formal Opening of the Grounds

Formal opening of the ground and the ceremonial of the consecration. Address being delivered by the Rev. H. C. Vogell of Rome.


J.E. Hulbert Resigns from Association

The first secretary and treasurer, J.E. Hulbert, tendered his resignation and a vote of thanks to him was adopted for the gentlemanly and efficient manner which he had always manifested. William F. Owens was elected in his place.

View from top of Boonville Cemetery hill
View of entrance building and gate at Boonville Cemetery

Association's First Superintendent

Samuel T. Jones is appointed as the association’s first superintendent. Jones held and efficiently managed this position for 21 years.


First Entrusted Deposit Received

​Mr. Cornelius B. Erwin of New Britain, Conn., sent the association the sum of $100 with a request that it be deposited with a savings bank of trust company – this was the first deposit of this kind entrusted to the care of the association.


Plans to Construct the Chapel Begin

Received by bequest from Cornelius B. Erwin, a sum of $2,500 was enabled to construct the chapel and gate lodge building at the main entrance of the grounds. A further sum of $10,000 was provided by Erwin’s last will and testament for the care and improvement of the grounds.

Image of Veteran's Memorial at Boonville Cemetery
Image of pavilion at Veterans' Memorial at Boonville Cemetery

Archibald Bamber Succeeded by Joseph Tharrett

The association’s first president, Archibald Bamber is succeeded by Joseph R. Tharrett, who served until his death in October 1896.


Henry W. Bentley Elected President

After the death of Joseph Tharrett, the board of trustees elected Henry W. Bentley as its third president. William F. Owens passed away and his position is succeeded by H.R. Hadley.


Henry W Bentley Elected President

J.P. Babcock, a trustee since June 1892, succeeds Henry Bentley as president after his death in January 1907.